Did You Realize The Weight of a Metal Business Card?

There is a great deal of discussion that occurs about metal business cards, but despite the liveliness of these debates, one aspect of these entities remains firmly ignored for the most part. This is the weight of these cards, and while there can be a fair bit of variety that will differentiate cards in this respect, suffice it to say that weight remains a central component of why these cards are useful to you in the first place.

Metal Kards
With all that having been said, it should be mentioned that Metal Kards are obviously going to be heftier than your average paper based card. After all, metal is a considerably denser material than paper, and this is actually a massive advantage if you consider it with all of the facts straightened out within your headspace. When a customer receives a card that seems like it would get blown away by the meanest gust of wind, they would very likely want to throw it away without even taking a look at the information that is presented right on top of it.

Metal cards, on the other hand, have the exact opposite effect. Customers that feel the heft and weight of the card will be far more willing to check it out and read it in depth. The more aesthetic features you add to it, the more likely it will be that your business cards made out of metal will have the desired effect. You are going to waste untold quantities of funds on paper cards due to the lack of efficiency that is inherent to them, so we would strongly recommend that you abandon your current efforts and instead set your sights on metal cards which are undeniably superior.