GPS rangefinder

Understanding the different types of golf rangefinders

Understanding the different types of golf rangefinders

Gold rangefinders come in different types. The rangefinders are classified according to the type of technology that they use. We have two main types of golf rangefinders. The laser and GPS golf rangefinders are the common varieties that we have today. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages because of the mode of operation. The bottom line is to choose a golf rangefinder that offers you ease of use, accuracy, easy to carry around and durable. The VPRO500S is one of the best golf rangefinders that combines all these qualities.

GPS rangefinders

Just like the name suggests, a GPS rangefinder uses the GPsdfsdfsdfsfS technology to determine the distance of your shot. Some GPS rangefinders need to be mount on the ground while others are installed in smart devices like phones or watches. With this type of rangefinder, you need to update the software to use the latest technology regularly. GPS rangefinders are preferred by the tech savvy golfers who want something that is accurate.

Advantages of a GPS rangefinder

  • Accuracy – A GPS rangefinder provides you a level of accuracy that you can never get from any other rangefinder. Because of the GPS technology, you don’t need to strain to focus on finding a shot. Since it uses GPS, all the calculations are done for you and all you need to do is make the perfect shot.
  • Golf layout – One thing that you must love about the GPS rangefinder is the fact that it gives you the layout of the golf course. The layout of the course is important in helping you make an accurate shot.

Laser rangefinders

Laser rangefinders user the laser optic technology to determine the distance of your shot. They have lenses that help you in seeing the location of your shot. These are the most common types of rangefinders that we have today.

Advantages of theerwerwrwerew Laser rangefinders

  • Portable – Portability is one of the best features of a laser rangefinder. Most of these rangefinders come in a compact design, and it becomes easy to carry them around. You don’t have to keep stressing yourself on how you will carry your rangefinder.
  • Magnification power – The magnification power offered by the lens of a laser rangefinder helps you to see your target correctly. It is easy to see clearly where you are making the shot with this kind of range finder.