Top 5 Benefits Of Using An Integrated Business Software Solution

Top 5 Benefits Of Using An Integrated Business Software Solution


Today, there is hardly a successful business enterprise that doesn’t fully utilize the capabilities of business software technologies. If you are an aspiring business owner, you naturally want your business to grow and expand as fast as possible. However, to do that, you must have all of your business software tools and applications seamlessly integrated with a single business process, database, and code base. By doing this, your business will benefit in a myriad of ways, from increased production, streamlined management, and substantial cost savings.

Improved efficiency all across your business organization

22,mnkldThere are some key processes that you usually encounter during your daily operations. Some of the most notable ones include cash collection, invoicing, fulfillment, financial consolidation, expense approvals, and order management. Of course, there are many more of those processes, but these are commonly considered to be the most important ones. By automating these processes, you will avoid spending money on new employees, who would otherwise be needed to manage the processes effectively. Additionally, you will also avoid having to redeploy staff members to higher-value positions, to ensure the growth of your business.

According to some of the latest ROI studies, by using state-of-the-art integrated software solutions, some companies have increased their inventory turns by almost 50%, increased their sales productivity by almost 13%, as well as accelerated their close times by more than 50%.

Substantially enhanced visibility

To make timely informed decisions, you must ensure high, real-time visibility. When crucial information can be instantly accessed from any device, anywhere, without having to tie data from various sources together and without having to waste precious resources on data extraction and retrieval, you and your employees will be able to make much more accurate decisions. For example, by hiring the services of a reputable company, you will have all your business data readily available in real time. This will allow you to monitor your suppliers’ workload and double your business output.

Cost savings and IT time reduction

By utilizing an integrated business software solution, your IT department will no longer have to procure, install, and regularly maintain numerous systems and their integrations. Therefore, that IT time can be spent elsewhere, say, on improving various business operations. Also, you will also see a substantial reduction in operational costs as well.

Customized innovation

Since modern integrated solutions allow for a quick implementation of process changes, you can easily apply your own functional expertise in order to specifically customize applications and processes to serve your ever-changing needs and requirements. At the same time, your IT department will have more time to focus on new initiatives, which can significantly improve your bottom line by coming up with creative value-adding solutions.

Substantial growth acceleration

33nkdgklrjThanks to a modern integrated software solution, you can expand to new sales channels and multiple new locations much faster and more efficiently. This is made possible due to the unified accounting and order management data and processes. This way, you can also cross-sell and up-sell more efficiently to your existing base of customers, largely thanks to the enhanced visibility. Simply put, by deploying an integrated software solution, you can rapidly grow and reach out to new customers and clients all over the world.…

Ways mobile phones are enhancing emerging markets

Ways mobile phones are enhancing emerging markets

The use of mobile phones in companies has significantly innovative as time passes, which makes them an important device for all those entrepreneurs and business people. Each breakthrough is highly creative, actually delivering endless benefits to the entire corporation. At present, designers seem to focus on capture data alternatives along with other techniques a cell phone will help arrange and innovate an organization.

Benefits of mobile phones in emerging markets

Several of the issues developers are presently looking to solve through advancing cellular technologies include affordable controlling remote workers as well as more efficiently and quickly transmitting real-time information within company processes. The following is some ways mobile phones are enhancing emerging markets

Instant communicationkdfnbkdbkdnfbkdnbkndkbndfknbkdfnbkndfkbdfbdfbdfb

Mobile phones are utilized as an instant type of connection between a remote employee and administration. Through the use of cellphones, a distant staff is usually in touch with the foundation management being sure all issues which need fast response will probably be attended quickly.

Effective communication

Mobile phones in business are a good way of maintaining constant and immediate transmission with each and every client. Giving a mobile phone number in your customers will guarantee all of them that you’ll always be there to answer their particular inquiries. This may also allow you to instantly advise your client if there is a change of plans or timetable or you will not be capable of attending a meeting punctually; therefore, improving customer relationship and growing productivity and efficiency.


The utilization of mobile phones in companies has considerably helped streamline information capture solutions. Through some great mobile technology advancements, a business manager will be able to create forms and docs by using cell phones and quickly transfer the docs to his particular employees. Transporting of these docs are set up in actual time; therefore, restricting delays and potential loss of clientele and financial deals.

Mobile money

Mobile phones facilitate emerging markets transactions.
Among the numerous paper works that could be created and transmitted by way of mobile phones contain questionnaires, petitions, client sales, leads generation, and credit applications. Even medical health insurance approval can be carried out in real time using today’s advanced cellular technologies.

Mobile phones are enhancing emerging markets just like any other communication system available to deal with clients and business partners. You can indeed connect to the internet, make and modify documents, deliver and receive files, and many other jobs. An efficient communication system is the backbone of a successful enterprise. With the advent of advanced technology, mobile phones are all set to play a critical role in the success of any emerging markets.…